This time the catamaran is more like a powerboat. A really fast boat! It is called Wildcat III.


You can see that the boat had even teeth.


So this powerful monster takes us to Freshwater Bay and we dive to see the endangered hawksbill and green turtles.




It is a gracious, gentle dance. The creatures are not so big but they swim around as if there are no humans in the water. These are wild animals and it is not a theme park! There is nothing like a real close encounter with a free animal. We are so happy and even if the guides would say that this is the end of the tour we would be perfectly happy. There was more to come… We went to Carlisle Bay and dived near the Berwyn shipwreck.



 It is a vessel that sank 1900. Now the area is a national park. You will not believe the myriad fishes around – a symphony of color and shapes!  



Than we went to an excellent beach. We listened to the sea… and played like children.


Than we got very happy after taking some of the antidepressant of the caribbean islands called with the generic name “rum punch”. 


I would say this is an experience you must have if you ever come to Barbados. It is easy to book if you are on a cruise ship and if decide to find them privately their website is: